Security Benefits

Security in business aviation ensuring a safe and comfortable flight

Enjoy your journey

Jet Assist wants you to be able to relax and enjoy your journey. Whether flying domestically or internationally, airports can be busy, chaotic and stressful. Jet Assist can offer you a safe and protected luxury lounge to relax in, making sure the time you spend at the airport is an enjoyable experience. 

Jet Assist has a wealth of experience in private aviation travel ensuring our safety and security measures are second to none. Avoid public terminals and trust your travel with Jet Assist.

VIP Lounge with restricted access to the public

Private security for passengers and luggage 

Private security screening area within the private terminal

VIP vehicle transfers between lounge and aircraft

Dedicated customs and immigration in the VIP lounge

Why flying private is the safest way to travel

Private Car Park

When you are travelling you want to make sure that your vehicle is in safe hands. Jet Assist offers free parking in our private car park giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is being monitored 24/7.

Bypass the main airport

As guests of the airport, on arrival, you will be personally greeted and attended by staff familiar with the protocol of high-profile clients. Bypassing the main terminals and other passengers, you can relax in total privacy in your own personal lounge, where check-in and security are taken care of.

For departures, avoid the main airport terminal crowds and relax in the comfort of a luxury lounge with a drink and enjoy some light refreshments whilst we bring security, customs, immigration and baggage check-in to you.

Your luggage is safe with us

You and your luggage will be treated with the upmost privacy and respect by our on-demand operations team. Our private handlers will process your luggage through security screening with discretion and care out of the view of the main airport terminal crowds.

Private transfers to the aircraft

While most travellers are worried about their safety and their belongings’ protection, they might encounter several security difficulties, particularly in an unfamiliar location. At Jet Assist your driver is well acquainted with the area and is aware of all safety measures that are required. Airport transfers are usually quick and straightforward. For departures your driver will escort you to the outside stairs of the aircraft, you simply stroll on board. The lack of paperwork makes for a seamless travel experience. Your baggage will be handled with care to prevent theft or damage, with your bags placed into our vehicle once you arrive and brought to the aircraft for you. For arrivals you will be met at the aircraft and escorted in a chauffeur-driven vehicle directly to a private VIP lounge where dedicated immigration personnel will facilitate your entry into the United Kingdom. Any checked-in luggage will be collected directly from the aircraft and brought to the lounge, ready for your onward journey.

Travelling with kids

Travelling with kids takes effort, and the busy gate area can be stressful for parents and children alike. Instead of hanging out there, you can head to an airport lounge with your family. 

Lounges aren’t only for adults. These spaces are kid-friendly, and may even have kids’ rooms or other amenities available. Some lounges may admit children under a certain age for free.

Like you, your kids may feel calmer in a quiet, less hectic environment.

Make the most of your time

If you need to get work done before your flight, our business centre can make it easier for you to sit and work from your laptop. You can also connect to the free Wi-Fi and we have printers and other business equipment for you to use. 

This is a nice perk if you’re travelling for work or are a freelancer or self-employed worker. It’s usually easier to be productive in an airport lounge than in a loud, crowded terminal. Not only this but our lounge offers comfortable, spacious seating, complimentary coffee bar and snacks and power outlets, so you’re all charged up before boarding the plane.