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The Open Championships 2024 (Royal Troon)

The Open Championship is one of golf’s most esteemed tournaments and is set to make a triumphant return to Royal Troon Golf Club in July of 2024. As anticipation builds for this prestigious event, golf enthusiasts from around the world eagerly await the opportunity to witness history in the making. At Jet Assist, we understand the significance of The Open at Royal Troon and offer unmatched travel solutions to ensure that your journey is as memorable as the championship itself.

Royal Troon Golf Club is located on the stunning Ayrshire coast of Scotland and has a storied history as a host venue for The Open Championship. Renowned for its challenging links course and breathtaking coastal view, the course has played host to some of the most memorable moments in golfing history, from Arnold Palmer’s legendary victory in 1962 to Henrik Stenson’s epic duel with Phil Mickelson in 2016, The Open at Royal Troon is steeped in tradition and prestige.

For golf enthusiasts, attending The Open at Royal Troon is an incredible experience that every golf enthusiast should strive to enjoy at least once. Whether following your favourite players along the fairway or soaking in the atmosphere of the iconic Ailsa Course, every moment at Royal Troon is filled with excitement and anticipation. From challenging bunkers to the unpredictable Scottish weather, The Open at Royal Troon offers a true test of skill and endurance for players and spectators equally.

After a day of golf, it is recommended to head into the town to immerse yourself in the community spirit and summertime hustle and bustle. Located at the top of the town is a must-visit destination, The Harbour Bar, a charming, family-owned, pub offering a warm welcome and a taste of local flavour. Relax with a refreshing drink, indulge in a hearty meal, and perhaps catch some live music – whether mingling with locals or soaking in the maritime atmosphere, the Harbour Bar captures the essence of Troon’s coastal charm.

Travelling to The Open with Jet Assist

At Jet Assist, we recognise the significance of flawless travel, particularly when attending prestigious events like The Open. Our private jet charter services cater to golf enthusiasts, VIPs, and corporate clients alike and guarantee a journey marked by luxury, convenience, and exclusivity, ensuring passengers arrive in Troon at The Open feeling rejuvenated and prepared to immerse themselves in the excitement.

Luxury and comfort are at the forefront of every journey with Jet Assist, and we are thrilled to extend our warm invitation for you to join us aboard our aircraft. Experience the epitome of opulence with our unparalleled amenities, personalised service, and meticulous attention to detail. Step into our spacious cabins adorned with comfortable seating and indulge in our gourmet catering services by RARE Grazing NI and drinks partner Copeland Drinks, ensuring a journey as delightful as it is convenient. With Jet Assist, perfection is not just a goal; it’s a guarantee. Rest assured, there won’t be any need for a mulligan when you travel with us.

Fixed Based Operations (FBO) private lounge of Jet Assist Business Centre at Belfast Airport

If you find yourself departing from Belfast International Airport, our FBO presents a serene sanctuary before your flight. From the moment you arrive, you’ll receive a warm Northern Irish welcome in our comfortable lounge. Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi and television access, indulge in premium refreshments, carefully selected to satisfy your palate and enhance your pre-flight experience. Our FBO is designed to provide a seamless transition to your journey, ensuring you depart feeling refreshed and ready for your travels to The Open at Royal Troon. Relax in confidence, knowing that every detail has been meticulously arranged to make your journey as enjoyable as possible.

The Open at Royal Troon promises an unforgettable celebration of golfing excellence, tradition, and sportsmanship and with Jet Assist, you can experience the magic of The Open in unparalleled style, comfort, and luxury. Say goodbye to the typical travel headaches by opting for Jet Assist and indulge in personalised attention, delectable cuisine, and beverages, with no more enduring long queues or grappling with delays. Throughout your trip, anticipate unparalleled excellence.

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