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Before You Visit

As we all know it is important to always be prepared and we want to do our best to assist you with that. Below are links to lots of useful information regarding Belfast International and flying in Europe. You may need to plan a flight to Belfast International Airport. For further pilots information please contact operations via:

VFR Chart

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Airport Map

information for pilots: map of Belfast airport

Airport Info

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Immigration & Customs

Jet Assist can provide full immigration and customs clearance at a UK point of entry in the FBO, 24/7, checking the identity and documentation of people who are arriving for the convenience of deplaning passengers at EGAA | BFS.

Crew Lounge

High Speed Wifi & Wireless Printing

Crew Lounge with Screen TV

Complimentary Tea, Coffee & Snacks

Crew Transportation

Storage for Chilled or Dry Goods

Pilot’s Flight Planning Centre


N54°39.45′ / W6°12.95′


268.0 feet MSL.


3° West


11 Miles From Belfast

45 Miles From Portrush

99 Miles From Dublin


Shannon – EINN 150 NM

Dublin – 74 NM

Belfast City – 12 NM

City Derry – 40 NM

Enniskillen – 52 NM