Large Groups

Your Private Jet Charter Solution for Large Groups

Jet Assist offers a bespoke service for large groups including sports teams, business groups and even family groups. While charter flights have always solved several of the challenges of group travel, with COVID, each of these benefits is magnified by offering an overall better and safer travel experience. 

If you are a travel planner working on that upcoming corporate meeting, incentive group or family trip a charter flight may be the difference between the group moving forward with plans or cancelling plans.

Benefits of Choosing Private

Transport your group together

Choose your airport and flight times

No checked baggage fees

Eliminate unwanted connections

Multiple aircraft charter solutions

Costs are competitive 

Types of Groups We Can Assist

From single person to large groups our charter team at Jet Assist has experience with working with the customers specific needs. We work tirelessly to organise every detail of your journey to ensure your group has a smooth and relaxing journey.

Industries We Work With


The privacy and comfort of private jet charter is ideal for musicians. Musicians need to be able to focus on their music during their flight, which can be difficult when you’re flying in on a commercial aircraft


Perfect for film industry travel, depart to an exciting set location or attend a studio event. Private jet charter is the perfect way to   relax while travelling undisturbed


Around 98% of the world’s most admired companies (according to Fortune 500) use private aviation to some extent. Those who do use private aviation, experience the benefits of private corporate travel


Private jet charters allow the team room to roam, opportunities to relax, and the ability to conduct private team meetings all while travelling to and from games


Ideal for those who have a busy calendar and events in different areas so that we can ensure you meet your schedule


Having your loved ones travel by private jet will allow you to offer them several benefits such as being flexible, avoiding crowds of travellers and a tailored service to their personal requests

Read our latest news to see some of the events that our travel solutions have helped bring together:

Better And Safer Travel Experience

For some groups, flying direct is a logistical necessity for the trip, and it is not always possible to book a large group directly on commercial flights and that’s not even considering the luggage they may have with them. Private group charter eliminates connection time delays and ensures that everyone arrives at their destination at the same time, along with their belongings!

If you are in the initial stages of planning a trip, our knowledgeable staff can act as your air charter guide and provide budget ranges for planning purposes or determine whether a charter flight is a realistic option based on group travel needs, budget, departure city and destination

One of our roles when assisting with your charter flight is helping determine which airline and aircraft solution is the best option for your group. There are also a number of options that offer mixed configurations with a combination of business class and economy, along with full VIP-configured aircraft

As a broker, we leverage our market knowledge to help you choose the best option and will negotiate terms on your behalf. We provide a single point of contact and coordinate all logistics leading up to the day of the trip. Jet Assist teams are available 24/7 working with you at every step, even for late night flights

Almost every trip we plan includes a change in the manifest at least one time leading up to the charter flight. During the initial planning stages, we will ask about group size. A common response is “in the 160-170 passenger range, give or take” with many large group charter flights booked months in advance, it is impossible to determine the exact head count and who will be traveling

The costs of booking large groups on commercial vs. the charter flight costs are greater than just the amounts on an invoice. In addition to extra fees on commercial we have already mentioned (baggage, name changes, parking reimbursements, etc.), as a travel planner, logistics and time spent organising/coordinating can be substantial. Frankly, your resources might be better spent elsewhere

Charter is a much more streamlined process with the added benefit of flying private, and with Jet Assist on your side, we will help with all of the details to keep things on track. As airlines get better at route planning and more efficient with the ways they utilise their aircraft to maximise revenue per seat, but with the right charter partner on your side, you may find the gap between group fare costs and the costs to charter is closer than you expected