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Why Jet Assist Offer Jet A-1 Fuel in Belfast Airport

Jet Assist are the premiere supplier of Jet A-1 Fuel in Belfast International Airport, Northern Ireland. Our aircraft fuel team have years of experience handling tech stops and refuelling services for a wide range of aircraft from DA62 to B757 (and everything in between) . Our standard of customer service is second to none with late night and short notice facilities. If you need to contact our fuel team simply click the link below or view our latest fuel prices here.

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What is Jet A1 Fuel?

Jet A-1 is a kerosene-based fuel that is used in most jet engines. It is a highly refined fuel that is designed to meet the specific needs of jet engines, including high flame temperature, low volatility, and low freezing point, making it the most widely used aviation fuel.  

JET A-1 is compatible with most jet aircraft, both civil and military, helicopter turbine engines, turboprops and compression-ignition piston engines.  It has a high energy density, which means that it can provide a lot of power for a given amount of fuel and is also a stable fuel that can be stored for long periods of time without degrading.

Jet A-1 is produced from crude oil through a complex refining process that involves distillation, cracking, and hydrotreating. The resulting fuel is then blended to meet the specific requirements of jet engines.

Safety of Jet A-1

Jet A-1 is a relatively safe fuel, but it is important to handle it with care. Spills of Jet A-1 can be easily ignited, and it can be harmful if ingested. It is also important to store Jet A-1 in properly ventilated tanks to prevent the buildup of flammable vapours.

Jet A-1 Fuel is fully traceable from the refinery to the aircraft to guarantee product quality throughout the logistics chain.

Fuelling at Jet Assist, Belfast Airport

At Jet Assist, Belfast International Airport, JET A-1 is marked in airport refuelling facilities in white letters against a black background, preceded by two white vertical bars. Similarly, JET-A1 dispenser nozzles are painted black.  This identification was designed to prevent any “misfuelling” with AVGAS.

Jet Assist prides itself on being compliant with the latest version of JIG whilst ensuring their staff are trained in line with JIG stanards. Because of the conditions in which they are used, this fuel and Jet Assist comply with particularly stringent international quality requirements.

Overall, Jet A-1 is a high-quality fuel that is essential for the operation of jet engines. It is a versatile, efficient, and safe fuel that meets the specific needs of the aviation industry.

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