Private Jet Trends 2021

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At Jet Assist, we have experienced a year like no other following the global pandemic that grounded most of the airline industry. Fortunately, Jet Assist work with essential service companies and continued to provide medical flights and any essential travel that was required. Following the relaxation of airline travel restrictions, we have never been busier. Key trends prompted by the pandemic and that we believe will continue into next year are:


Travelling privately through FBOs and private or business jet facilities means less people and human contact. The aftermath of Covid has made travellers more cautious when travelling. The safe environment flying with a private jet company has become a necessity for some.


Private flights allow passengers to avoid large crowds and different airport terminals. With more routes and flexibility available for smaller aircraft, there is more opportunities to fly without having to change to connecting flights.


Working from home has become standard for many businesses since the pandemic. However, ‘working from home’ does not have to be where you live! Business owners and professionals are adapting to the flexibility of being able to work from holiday homes or whilst travelling. You could work from almost anywhere for extended periods of time, as long as you have good Wi-Fi!


Today’s Jet Aircraft are 80% more fuel efficient that the first jets flown in the 1960s. However, more needs to be done to help sustain our world and its environment. Development is well underway for newer aircraft to travel with a reduced carbon footprint and talks have even started surrounding the introduction of electric planes in aviation.


Private flights have meant that worldwide sporting events, film productions and live concerts have been able to slowly recommence. Flying by private jet allows bubbles to travel safely together, whilst also providing the security, flexibility and privacy that is often requested with VIP flights. Families with children and pets are expected to use charter flights more regularly in 2021 and operators will adapt their services to accommodate this. Private jet travel offers greater flexibility for parents who need to bring medications on board that might be subject to liquid limits and other restrictions on commercial flights.

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