Jet Assist Strengthens Operation Team with Key Appointment

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Peter Irwin as Operations Manager at Jet Assist, Belfast. Your dedication and achievements have truly earned you this recognition and we hope you have great success with the Ground Operations Team at Belfast International Airport, Northern Ireland.

Peter has an extensive knowledge in aviation, having worked at Belfast International Airport for many years and prides himself on having built up a wealth of experience and good network connections with people, companies and organisations within BFS. This has been incredibly valuable, opening doors for him to various opportunities within the aviation industry and related fields.

Working at Belfast International Airport has exposed Peter to various aspects of airport operations, such as ground handling, passenger services, security, and air traffic control, making him skilled in areas like aircraft safety, cargo handling, passenger assistance, and customer service. Making him the ideal candidate for his current role Operations Managers at Jet Assist.

As Operations Manager at the Jet Assist FBO in Belfast, Peter has brought his specific skills to build strong local relationships and develop opportunities to contribute to a more productive and positive environment for all the staff at Jet Assist and the wider community at Belfast International Airport.

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What you might not know about Peter is his close, personal connection to the SERE Group. In early 2021 Peter fell seriously ill with Covid-19, he was hospitalised and remained in the ICU for several months, making him one of the longest patients with Covid-19 in the ICU. Thanks to the selfless care given by our incredible ICU nurses and doctors during this time, Peter’s health was restored enough for him to return home. Although he has not made a full recovery, he will forever be grateful to the staff that supported and cared for him during this time.

This thanks extends to our very own 247 Aviation Air Ambulance Flight Nurses – Jeanette Haugland and Christopher Rocks who were at the forefront of Peters care. It was an emotional reunion for Peter, who fondly remembers the voices of both Christopher and Jeanette comforting him throughout his time in ICU. Due to the level of PPE worn during this time Peter was unable to see who was caring for him but is thankful for the opportunity now to put a face to the voice and thank them for their service to him.

Jet Assist’s Sister Company – 247 Aviation Air Ambulance – provides around-the-world service in patient repatriation, organ transport and aircraft charter.

We look forward to seeing Peter take flight in his new role at Jet Assist, Business Jet Centre,  Belfast.

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