Tech stop handling

Tech stop handling

A world class tech stop handling service for world class customers. The Jet Assist team look forward to welcoming you to Belfast International Airport

Jet Assist is the preferential partner for trans-Atlantic tech stop handlings with exclusive, VIP services at Belfast International Airport. This location offers convenient access to the North Atlantic Tracks, while the Jet Assist team on the ground are pleased to provide:

· Reduced landing fees available for tech stop traffic

· Competitive Jet A-1 Fuel prices available from our own GA dedicated fuel bowser, guaranteeing fuel as and when you need it 24/7

· Fully trained and NATA PLST Safety 1st certified multi-functional operations team

· Gulfstream Flight Safety Certified Staff on all Gulfstream models.

· Average turnaround times of 45 minutes or less from touchdown to airborne

· No night time curfews or ATC slot restrictions

· Discount on standard handling for all tech stops

· Roll on, roll off aircraft stands

· In-house security suite for any flights falling under new EASA/CAA requirements for quick clearance

· Extensive selection of fully owned and operated GSE including toilet truck, water cart, GPU and much more

Our time efficient and cost effective turnaround services are supported by excellent FBO facilities, including a VIP lounge available to passengers wanting to relax, refresh or take business calls and meetings. A fully equipped crew lounge is also located on site equipped with a crew briefing suite

and sleep pods for those longer stop overs. Speak to a member of the Jet Assist team today, who will deliver the support you need for your next tech stop