Experienced trio join Jet Assist.

Jet Assist Business Jet Centre, the Belfast International (EGAA/BFS) based FBO, is pleased to welcome Eddie Allison (Commercial Director), Craig Middleton (Senior Consultant) and Steve Woods (Senior Consultant) to the Jet Assist team.

Acting as independent consultants, the trio of industry veterans joined Jet Assist in January 2019, reporting directly to the new Jet Assist owner, Stanley Edgar. This year, they will work to support the company in its vision of maintaining their position as the FBO of choice for visitors to Belfast and the wider island of Ireland supporting trans-Atlantic tech stops.

Stanley Edgar, chairman of Jet Assist (Aviation) Ltd said “I am delighted to be supported in my aims and ambitions for Jet Assist by Eddie, Craig and Steve. Between them they offer vast industry experience whilst individually they have expertise in differing areas through FBO’s, ground handling, fuel and technology segments.”

Mr. Edgar continues, “The support they offer allows our existing operations team to focus on delivering the highest levels of service to our customers.”

Steve Woods of Aero Dynamic Consulting said “We look forward to supporting Jet Assist during these exciting times, Stanley has a clear vision of the service he wants to deliver and myself, Craig and Eddie are committed to making this a reality.”

Jet Assist prepares to welcome the world to Northern Ireland for British Open.

After a near 70-year absence Northern Ireland is ready to once again host the British Open at Royal Portrush Golf Club, County Antrim from 18th to 21st July 2019. Situated only a 40-minute car journey from the venue, Belfast International is the closest 24/7 international airport. As the premier FBO at EGA | BFS, Jet Assist are ready to welcome the global business aviation community and their passengers as they head to the third golf major of the year.

With Northern Ireland not having been on the Open rota for so long, Belfast may not be a location that some operators have visited recently. With this in mind, the past few months have seen Jet Assist ramp up their preparations ahead of the event to ensure they are ready to support every aspect of an operator’s trip through EGAA/BFS. The experienced Jet Assist team are always on hand to work with operators with their pre-trip planning as well as during their actual operations.

With a recent refurbishment of their crew and passenger facilities, the launch of a GA dedicated 11,000 USG and the only in-FBO security suite in Ireland, Jet Assist are uniquely positioned to provide the holistic service required to anticipate and meet every operator’s needs.

Chairman Stanley Edgar who purchased Jet Assist from the previous owners in June 2018, said “Each of our enhancements have been planned and delivered to meet the needs of our customers. We are always listening to our customers to understand their current requirements and to anticipate their future needs, it is what drives us forward.”

Alongside the long term benefits that are in place, the Jet Assist team have numerous event specific arrangements prepared including a strategic partnership with UK based SaxonAir, a member of the Klyne Aviation Group, to provide helicopter transfers to and from the venue – offering passengers the fastest options from runway to fairway.

Pre-booked hotel rooms in Belfast city centre will provide air crews with the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have somewhere to stay during their visit. The Jet Assist team are on hand to support operators as they begin to plan their trips into Belfast International ahead of the 148th Open Championship.

Jet Assist launch their first dedicated Jet-A1 fuel bowser at EEGAA | BFS.

February of this year saw Jet Assist Business Jet Centre, The Belfast International (EGAA | BFS) based FBO, acquire their first 11,000 USG (41,000 litre) GA dedicated fuel bowser, which joins their existing portfolio of owned and operated ground service equipment (GSE).

The introduction of this GA dedicated bowser with its under and over wing fuelling capabilities allows Jet Assist to now guarantee a smooth and efficient fuel uplift and removes business aviation operator’s reliance on the commercial airline service that was previously depended upon at EGAA | BFS.

Jet Assist Chairman Stanley Edgar said, “The addition of our own fuel bowser allows us to control more of the services our customers need on the ground, which in turn ensures that we can support our customers in completing their flights efficiently and on time.”

With easy access onto the North Atlantic Tracks, 24/7 opening hours as standard and competitively priced fuel, handling and airport fees, EGAA | BFS really is a hidden gem. In addition, Jet Assist boast Ireland’s only in-FBO security suite which makes any clearance requirements painless and time efficient.

Whether Belfast International is a flight’s final destination or you are looking for a time and cost effective trans-Atlantic tech stop option, Belfast International and Jet Assist are your partners of choice.

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Jet Assist continues growth under new ownership

Jet Assist Business Jet Centre, the Belfast International (EGAA/BFS) based FBO originally opened in June 2014, has continued its growth in recent months following the company’s purchase by Northern Irish entrepreneur Stanley Edgar in June 2018.

A recently completed refurbishment of its VIP facilities includes a makeover of their passenger lounge and significant upgrades to the crew lounge, rest areas with the addition of sleep pods and state of the art computer equipment. Jet Assist are also delighted to be providing a Biz Av dedicated refuelling service following the introduction of its own 11,000 USG Jet-A1 bowser in February of this year.

In tandem with developments to their facilities, equipment and services, Mr Edgar and his team gladly welcome Eddie Allison (Commercial Director), Craig Middleton (Senior Consultant) and Steve Woods (Senior Consultant) to the Jet Assist team as hands on advisors. Between them the 3 professionals bring vast FBO, fuel and industry experience and Jet Assist are excited to have their support as the company embarks on the next chapter of the Jet Assist story.

Mr. Edgar, who has long been involved within the business aviation community as a pilot and previously a flight instructor, speaks enthusiastically about his plans for Jet Assist and growing the FBO further, “I am delighted with the progress we have made during my short time with Jet Assist from enhancing our crew/passenger facilities and in-house security screening suite to welcoming Eddie, Craig and Steve and their extensive industry experience as they support our existing operations team.”

Mr. Edgar continues “Our focus is to deliver the highest standards of service and facilities to our customers whether they are spending time visiting Belfast itself, the beautiful Northern Irish countryside or using Belfast International as the most convenient trans-Atlantic tech stop option. Our team at Jet Assist is committed to delivering industry leading service and value to our customers 24/7/365.”